4 Bedroom House For sale in Rebero

4 Bedroom House For sale in Rebero
4 Bedroom House For sale in Rebero

“In any event the best way to begin to work is to live here and work your way up there,” says Hasegawa. “As soon as you have the money and the facilities, there’s a very simple process to make your dream a reality.”

This is a living room in Rebero Heights; rent is $500 per month ($500 for 2 bedroom, $450 for 1bed). They are available for rent in either the single-room, or two bedrooms on a single floor.

If you were looking for a place to live with a nice warm couch, the hotel will make a very good offer.

“If you are looking to buy your own bed, well then the best move is to go back there and buy something more appropriate to your lifestyle,” says Hasegawa.

Check out these photos from Rebero Heights and other photos from NYC’s homeless in your neighborhood. More NYC stories at NewYorkDZ.com.

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