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How to Install Unsigned Drivers in Windows 10 : Online Support Center

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To copy a screenshot to paste it into another app, you must also press the Control key when capturing. For example, to grab your whole screen you must press the Shift, Command, Control, and 3 keys together. If you only want to grab a screenshot of the active window or a specific portion of the screen, press the Shift, Command, and 4 keys together. Press the Spacebar to capture an active window or click and drag to highlight a portion of the screen, then release to capture it. Due to Android smartphones and tablets having many manufacturers, the method for capturing a screenshot is not always the same.


You will need this to select the correct Inkscape download file for your system. You can also install Inkscape onto your Windows computer from the Microsoft App store. If you have the Windows 10 Education version this will be the only way you can install Inkscape.

If you plan to capture an image in order to highlight particular areas or read more a specific section, this tool will turn out to be quite an innovative program. It is the ideal solution if you use multiple browsers during your daily Internet sessions. Download Disk Drill now to start protecting your data, or get back to it when you need a data recovery software. After capturing the snip, you can scribble or write on or around it using the highlighter or Pen tools.

  • Record any activities on your HP laptop or desktop computer.
  • The Win key typically resides on the lower-left, between the Control and Alternate keys.
  • Wait for the troubleshooter to scan your device and identify any issues.

But at least now I can screen-save important docs etc. I had the same issue and found out what my problem was. The filenames are something like Screenshot . I reinstalled Windows and for some reason, screenshots weren’t saved named after the next number, but filled the blanks instead. If I deleted number 165 previously, the newest picture is named Screenshot if it is the lowest blank number. In my case, they were saved at a different location….I mean there were like 750+ screenshots and they were saved somewhere around 450 .

You need to press Windows+Shift+S at the same time and not one after the other. Press the keys together and the Snip and Sketch tool will appear. The method above works for Microsoft Surface tablets and almost every other tablet running Windows. The screenshot shortcut for Dell Latitude Windows tablets is the “power” and “Volume down” buttons simultaneously.

How to take a Screenshot on Windows 10 and Windows 11

Your HP laptop can now connect to wireless networks. You can quickly connect paired Bluetooth devices from the Action Center. Click the Action Center icon in the system tray, or use the Win+A keyboard shortcut to open it. Expand the toggles at the bottom of the Action Center panel. Until now, while there was a Bluetooth button in the Quick Settings panel, all it could do was either enable or disable Bluetooth connectivity. If you want to connect to a specific device, you’d have right-click the icon and go the Settings app to look for new devices or connect to known devices.

Go to settings by pressing Windows + I and then navigate to “Devices” and check if the problem is resolved. Reboot the PC and it should boot into Safe Mode. Once in Safe Mode, the drivers should be installed automatically. First of all, you should check if Bluetooth hardware is indeed present on your device . If it is, it means that there isn’t a proper configuration because of which you are facing this difficulty.

How to Fix Error code 0xc0000001 In Windows 10

Knowing what the fault behind your file system error is can be incredibly helpful, as you’ll just need to find and complete the steps for the right fix method. Of course, every situation is unique, and these aren’t the only solutions. Most problems can be fixed with the majority of these solutions, especially with the troubleshooter or repair functions. Even still, it’s important to make sure that you learn as much as you can about your situation before you attempt to fix it. Try running an antivirus program or using the built-in Microsoft Defender. These programs will scan your computer for missing files, malicious software, and any other viruses or the like.

  • It is the year 2019, soon it will be the year 2020.
  • You’ll find the relevant section starts about half way down the page when scrolling.
  • In most cases, they happen because of a malware or virus infection, a power failure, corruption, bad sectors, a power surge, and physical damages, among others.

To switch to the PrtScn key, follow the steps below. Windows is the most popular operating system but is also very complicated, not for the user but for the developer. A lot of times, bugs and errors still show up in Windows.

How to Get Help in Windows 11 (6 Methods)

Do not click “Format” as it will result in permanent data loss without a data recovery tool. Disk errors are a common experience on your hard drive. They’re usually not critical, and they can be fixed in just a few minutes. But sometimes you might need to oficial site fix disk errors that take a long time. This is because there’s another problem with your hard drive or the computer’s configuration.

If so, there’s a very good chance that the change you made caused the BSOD. If the blue screen flashes and your computer reboots automatically you’ll need to disable the ‘automatic restart on system failure’ setting. Below are general Blue Screen of Death troubleshooting steps. Be conservative when disabling programs listed on the Startup tab.

Displays only the modules/drivers that their memory addresses found in the stack of the crash. There is very high chance that one of the drivers in this list is the one that caused the crash. The memory address that the crash occurred. If you want to see all crash logs, click “View all problem reports.” The Problem Reports screen will appear.

The good news is that there’s a fix for AMD Windows 11 performance bugs available now – here’s how to download it. There are reports that a Windows 11 memory leak problem causes File Explorer to eat RAM, which, after a while, can cause memory issues that slow down the operating system. After File Explorer has restarted you should now see the redesigned layout for Windows 11. Microsoft is aware of this issue, and will release a Windows 11 cumulative update on October 12 to hopefully fix the problem.

How to Fix Hard Drive Problems with Chkdsk in Windows 7, 8, and 10

You cannot easily rig them with false information. My requirements may be different, but Ive dumped various log files in different machine states from a broken machine and need to view them, preferably in unix. I would also like to know how can I what other users have been doing on my machine, softwares installed, and changes to the system settings done by the users and reverse them. Keep in mind that if you are not experiencing a blue screen fatal system error, there will be no memory dump to capture. To reinstall windows 7, use the same disc from the Startup Repair and Master Boot Record steps that came with Windows 7. Boot your computer once this disc has been inserted.

Install Windows with Windows To Go

The best modern antivirus programs offer protection against a wide range of attacks, including those that might come from your local area network . The easiest way to check if this is the problem is to temporarily disable your antivirus and firewall. Click the drop down menu, select “Automatic” or “Automatic ,” and then click “Apply” and “OK.” The service will start up automatically when you boot Windows.

Microsoft is reportedly testing a new Game Pass widget for Windows 11

Almost all Kindle ebook files are DRM-protected. You need either a Kindle device or an Download Kindle Driver & Fix Kindle Issues Windows 11/10 [MiniTool Tips] old version of Kindle for Windows or Mac to be able to remove DRM from Kindle files. Once you’re on the Settings tab, please scroll down to where it says Personal Document Settings. This will display your “Send-to-Kindle E-Mail” address — it typically looks something like You can find additional help transferring books to your Nook here. Send to Kindle solves the problem for anyone who wants to send documents from their PC to their Kindle to read later.

It uses the Context Menu meaning that you can right-click on any document and choose “Send to Kindle.” The app knows what document types you can send and which you can’t. When you right-click on anything not supported, the Send to Kindle Context Menu does not appear. Scroll down to “Personal Document Settings” and click on the header to expand the section. You will see a list of your Kindle email addresses (). There will be one email address listed for each Kindle device you own.

The panel consists of a widgets area at the top that has a handful of customizable widgets to choose from, and your Microsoft Start news feed below it. Microsoft has done everything it can to simplify the Taskbar UX to the point in which it might be somewhat problematic for long-time Windows users. For example, you can no longer configure the Taskbar to appear on the left, right, or top of your display. There are also no additional Taskbar options in the right-click menu, with everything now moving into the new Settings app. The Start menu offers three rows of six icons that you can have pinned, with the ability to scroll through “pages” if you have more apps that you need to pin.


Would it be too much to ask for a hardware monitor capable of telling people when their CPU is overheating? Particularly, without needing admin privileges just to see a basic temperature. I dont’ think a lot of home builders buy TPM chips and install them. The news feed adapts to you, trying to bring in feeds that you want, based on your preferences. There’s also a feature that lets you give some content creators a tip. Microsoft made Windows 10 to remove the colourful icons of previous editions just to introduce them back in Windows 11.

  • Fixed an issue where launching File Explorer in certain ways when using dark mode was showing the body of File Explorer unexpectedly in light mode.
  • However, since the Control Panel no longer includes the “Programs and Features” page, using the Settings app is the only way to remove updates using a graphical interface moving forward.
  • Lawrence, you need to run the command from an elevated command prompt (right-click on cmd.exe and select run as administrator, or hold down Ctrl and Shift before you click).
  • This is a work-in-progress version of the OS that includes most of the final version’s main features.

As the next step, let’s see how we can do that. During the password update process, the computer object itself should have permission to write values to ms-Mcs-AdmPwd and ms-Mcs-AdmPwdExpirationTime attributes. To do that we need to grant permissions to SELF built-in account. Ms-Mcs-AdmPwdExpirationTime – Save the timestamp of password expiration. Under Accounts, click on the Microsoft account that you want to remove. It depends on the PC and the software that you are using.

How To Install the Kindle App on PC

If you use an ISO rather than Windows Update to do your upgrade, you can get way with using an older CPU. However, you will still need at least a dual-core, 64-bit processor, 64GB of storage and TPM 1.2. The OS will also tell you that your device is in a “unsupported state.” Microsoft has achieved its goal of trying to simplify the top-level Windows UX, but at the cost of functionality which many consider essential to their workflows.

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When in a call, you can now present an app window directly when hovering over an open app icon on the Taskbar, and you can also mute and unmute your microphone directly from the Taskbar. Microsoft says these features are available to other communication apps, as long as developers update their apps to support these additional Taskbar features. Once that’s done, you should also head to Windows Update in the new Settings app and check for updates there to ensure you have the latest drivers designed for Windows 11.

Free, Open, and Award-Winning Video Editor for Linux, Mac, and Windows!

Now that you have a copy of your screen, you must go to Word, or wherever you need the image copied (e.g. Google Docs, Microsoft Office, etc.), and paste it into the document. This can be done by tapping the touchpad with two fingers at once, and finding “Paste” on the dropdown menu that appears. I like to keep Add Copy to Clipboard on because then it’s just as easy to paste my capture as it would be to save it off as a file. That’s great for quick clips that I want to drop right into an email message or Slack chat. In Windows 10 you may also need to make a screen recording where you create a video of you performing tasks on the computer.

You can also open the Start menu, and just type in “Snip and Sketch,” then press enter or click the icon. It’s never been site oficial easier to share and manage your videos and screenshots! Upgrade to cloud hosting and get unlimited ad-free uploads and collaboration tools. Add custom thumbnails, and customize your video player to control the full experience for your audience. 10 heavily emphasizes freemium services, and contains various advertising facilities.


Memory Cleaner can display the list of apps that use the most memory on your Mac, clear inactive RAM memory with just one click, and stop all running applications. With the app, you can get access to memory usage directly from the menu bar. Well, Task Manager is indeed a great feature introduced by Microsoft. It not only helps you to monitor the system resources, but it also lets you force stop apps that were not responding.

Select the “Pictures” folder in the Libraries section, in the navigation pane at the left, to view the screenshots. The screenshots are named “Screenshot,” “Screenshot ,” and so on. The snipping app is most useful when we are trying to capture a customized screenshot such as for particular shapes , preferred area of, or other. Select the option you want to use and follow on-screen instructions. You can also take a scrolling screenshot by selecting the “Capture Entire Page” option. Originally rolled out with the Windows 10 Creators Update in 2017, the Game Bar is yet another effective way of taking screenshots in Windows 11.

  • Change the settings, so the PrtScn button opens Snip & Sketch automatically.
  • In Windows 8.1, the presentation is completely different, though still hardly ideal for a large app store.
  • The screenshot is now saved to the selected location.
  • Pull out any insulation and other obstructions, and check that all the nails have been removed.

If you’re ordering a “tombstone” shutter, follow the directions for radius top shutters, unless you know for sure that the top of your window is a perfect half circle. Purchasing the right size windows means preventing energy loss and reduces monthly heating and cooling costs. As a general rule standard bathroom picture windows range from 24″ to 96″ wide and 12″ to 96″ high.

How to Measure for Making Window Valances and Treatments

For example, the width of a window is the measurement from the left edge to the right edge. You can either write down your measurements on a sheet of notebook paper or download a measurement worksheet to help you stay organized. Labeling the exact location of each window in your home is also important to avoid any confusion while you measure your window opening.

PrtScr/Prt Sc/PrntScrn/Print Screen Key

However, within the context of this article, we’ll stick to its screenshot-taking capabilities. Click on “web capture.” Then, click on “capture full page.” This will bring out the tool for capturing scrolling web pages. You can edit or share the image after screen capturing the web page.