Grindr Gay speak for PC. Records. A lot of the data contained in this folder posses hexadecimal figure that seem to be hashes of some type

Grindr Gay speak for PC. Records. A lot of the data contained in this folder posses hexadecimal figure that seem to be hashes of some type

Grindr Gay speak for PC. Archives

Exploring Grindr’s Image Stash

As I talk about “photo cache” after all the place where Grindr downloads pics in your area so it doesn’t have to maintain redownloading every images always and ingesting a lot of unnecessary data transfer. Grindr caches both member profile images and photographs obtained over chat messages. They both go in to the exact same put. So when you have access to that room, can be found hi-res replicas almost all photographs obtained over cam and now have them on your PC. 🙂

First of all, you need a rooted Android os appliance involving this, since droid OS generally isn’t going to enable programs to gain access to 1’s personal records directories. The main internet browser app is definitely a file browser that is definitely root-aware (consequently it will remind for core consent for those who make an attempt to opened a folder that typically it’s not possible to open up without base).

Thus, without additional ado, Grindr’s photograph stash is at . This folder could have some data files, mine got 3,458 and main web browser accepted a little while to burden that folder. You’ll be able to replicate it somewhere under thereafter be able to your data from a PC like this. Ensure that the data are no longer possessed by “root” as soon as put forth the facts part, or perhaps you may encounter factors if obtaining all of them because of your PC.

Most of the applications through this directory have actually hexadecimal brands that seem to be hashes of some sort, plus the companies often enter pairs, one with a “.0” file extension along with additional with a “.1”, for instance one I stumbled onto to my cellphone would be .

The “.0” data try an ordinary article document, and most belonging to the “.1” data files will be the JPEG pictures. I use Linux, and our file web browser quickly discovered the types of all other records and displayed thumbnail files for the “.1” computer files. So, typically if you decide to rename one of the “.1” computer files to possess a “.jpg” extension you will discover that the images under Windows.

The .1 data files aren’t artwork however. Most are further text computer files, and that I peeked inside person to see what it has been:

These look the broadcasted pop-up messages revealed when you look at the app sometimes.

At this point, additional fascinating computer files are the ones employing the “.0” plug-ins. These be seemingly debug data, and they are simply the complete HTTP need discard utilized to obtain the “.1” data. Here is what the main appeared as if for simple account pic (in the case that the Grindr CDN backlink stops employed and you’re wondering, its this picture):

As soon as looking at my cache folder Also, I bet some pictures that have beenn’t page pictures, but were delivered over chat communications. These always appear to be the complete resolution belonging to the original picture delivered, that is,. certainly not thumbnails or any such thing. The “.0” file seems to be the same as for a profile picture, except the Address down loaded begins with “” in addition to the servers headers answer with a “” (which causes a web internet browser to down load the image to disk in the place of exhibiting it inside the internet browser).

Many “.1” data are actually empty (0 bytes), in addition to their .0 computer files signify that these would be the advertising ads (seeking a URL from So that appears to be whatever program in Grindr is responsible for installing pics likewise sorta handles downloading ad ads, except it generally does not actually rescue the advertising into hoard directory.

The very last pretty not-very-interesting document when you look at the stash directory is known as “journal”, and it’s a phrases document. By looking through the initial number lines, it appears to be section of, a little bit of Java signal providing you with a rotating brick and mortar hoard. This likely suggests that, if Grindr’s hoard directory satisfies, it can instantly remove older applications develop area for choosing a new type, so it will keep its total drive consumption managed quickly. The diary document generally best Buddhist dating site seems to set the hash titles of all of the some other files for the folder, in conjunction with text like “CLEAN”, “DIRTY”, and “REMOVE”.


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Thus I speculate there would be no way to move app reports between products unless both are rooted? It may be wonderful to exchange discussion historical past and photos- Grindr will leave very much become ideal 🙁

You are capable shift among machines. I had to bring back my cell (I forget precisely why). And so I has a method back-up and back then I was able to uncover the pic files within the sim cards (actually some photographs from customers which have blocked me personally). We reset the cell and connected they to our desktop and halted the resync. I relocated the files straight back over and my favorite speak history was actually maintained ( i did so but miss many emails which had been mailed to myself into the meantime. It absolutely was the single a large number of technical savy thing We have ever accomplished but Really don’t imagine it had been that demanding.

Justin, where exactly would you “find the picture documents”?

i created like Trini Cruz and only imitate that files into unique directory (on facts). subsequently hook cellphone to my own Computer and rename .1 to .jpg after which operates:)