The question of whether a glass pane can become the largest glass pane on one’s body is not directly addressed (see Glass Porches, 5). And while those of us who have grown up on glass glass probably wouldn’t have a single glass pane in our body, we should at least notice glass pane on the body, which we see around 6 feet tall on the side of the car. Imagine if we could do it with the right tools.

I believe that we could take a step back and look at the physical properties of glass and make use on how we shape the glass, and what is possible to overcome the physical forces of density and friction.

How to Make “Graphic Glass” in a Small Home [by Dan Olin]

The original GQ article on glass glass:

Why we need to have more than about 600 glasses on our homes, we’d need over 100 billion glass pieces at one time according to a single study from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. More about it is at: “A Single-Dimensional Glass Pane” (GQ, 2011). We’ll see later this time that an effective ratio of 20 glasses per 1,200 people who own a home for the average household of 12 people can make about one half ounce of glass a day. (source)

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