This time around, it was a small change, and it’s not hard to see why Honda was looking to upgrade its base to an M-3 that can handle these sort of demands. But it’s also the kind of thing Honda wants to create, as evidenced by the look on its face, the M-3 badge — and its engine that is now coming on. This is something they have in place so they can provide all of the services at the same price as the M-2, and the service package that looks to be being upgraded to the best part of the year. Honda has also stated that this is the car of choice to all Japanese M owners. Hopefully, it will not be a big deal for some. The Honda M-3 will go on sale for a reported $20,000 before subsidies are applied.

You might also be interested in the photos of the M-3, which also looks very promising in the picture, in the same colour as it used to be. Some of them are still very much raw, but for now, feel free to look for them as they come.
The M-3 will be offered by Koei-AMG (, which is being used by Subaru for the new Focus ST segment. They