OkCupid product reviews initially came out on Complaints Board on Jan 20, 2010.

OkCupid product reviews initially came out on Complaints Board on Jan 20, 2010.

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OkCupid — fraudsters!

I joined OKCupid last week. Within a-day I got satisfied 3 various men just who all felt great and genuine! One mentioned.

OkCupid — substandard quality

OkCupid is an unusual name for a site, like some Russian or Nigerian not so comfy with English would develop. And it’s nearly no-cost: you need to pay for the very best properties – IM (quick Message) incorporated — which happen to be no-cost on websites. It’s got numerous ghost members: the ones with only a nickname no profile, while others failed to login for the past 4 to 14 months. We contacted all of them three times and additionally they never responded, and so I threw in the towel on them: in terms of customer care they’re a big 0 (zero). Their particular coordinating system is dubious as you would expect (seemingly they normally use an infantile algorithm). And Spam try rampant .

Put the opinion

Oops, sorry, i suppose I happened to be answering additional commenter.

You don’t have to cover to IM on OKCupid — how’d you develop that? IM will most likely not operate from your phone, but that is your own cellphone. Need a computer.

On people with a nickname, but no visibility, thatn’t logged on for months — WHY are you attempting to contact those individuals? The one and only thing i will consider is they has a photo up that you like. Is the fact that it? Okay, so you’re a shallow loss, and are also they. What is the complications?

OMG. All Right. These are generallyn’t “fake” or “ghost” pages — they’re simply not good types. Precisely what does they relate to you? How does it upset you? Therefore, they don’t really placed an image up (you do not have to), plus they never fill out the essays (they don’t really need to). They respond to questions so they can be revealed the people which can be of interest in their eyes. What is actually perplexing about that? I will see folks (especially feminine) who want to carry out the picking, never be called by visitors.

This “shooting gallery” because call it, is stupid, but harmless. I don’t know what you believe are “very brilliant” about this. It’s photographs of men and women, that you can level, if you wish to. Nobody is informed which they’ve obtained the lowest get — you are only informed if someone scored your a 4 or 5. exactly how in this field is that terrible? Simply don’t get it done (I do not).

If everyone sugardaddie member login you you will need to get in touch with isn’t really calling you straight back, could it be because YOU’RE the shallow any? Or perhaps since shallow as them? Do you actually write to average appearing girls, or perhaps to alike toppercent that everyone else produces to, as well.

Okcupid is a superb Gigantic Old Ripoff. I’ve complained about panel elesewhere regarding the webpages. We most recently returned to it simply to find out if everything got altered? But, Noooo. Very Same, Same Old. Indeed, over the last thirty days roughly, i have also seen no less than three of these bare or “Ghost” users ADDRESS A CONCERN. Like, how does an “Icon”, — No profile, No picture, No Data answer a question, e.g., “23 minutes ago”, etc.? It’s simply a “Formula”, a “Shooting Gallery”, like mechanical Ducks at a carnival shooting Booth. The profiles merely flow and randomly “Pop up” so that you can bring a “Shot at”, etc. After that, they crash down and circle around once again for the following a person to “pop-up”, etc. most clever, but really CRUEL, because you were using people’s behavior. Obviously, some individuals will link on there, but I think really, few. The majority of people on there most likely only “give up” and move ahead, let down.

OKcupid.com — fake/false users

Fake consumer pages should always be uncovered! You will find lodged an issue with screenshots as evidence, but up to now the.