The cable tv guy’s strategy: Technician declaring to operate for Time Warner wire is telling all on Reddit

The cable tv guy’s strategy: Technician declaring to operate for Time Warner wire is telling all on Reddit

Someone claiming are a Time Warner Cable specialist is spilling ways on Reddit.

Energy Warner wire, the second-largest provider of television and online sites in the us, informed Quartz that it’s considering the posts. “We’re unable to verify when this person is clearly an existing or previous staff member,” a spokesman stated.

Reddit individual cableguy_the began an “Ask Me any such thing” (AMA) bond, posting pictures of their ID badge and uniform as purported proof of his tasks. Their answers to the concerns coming in are really candid. Here are some highlights (typos protected).

On Comcast’s pending exchange of Time Warner cable tv:

We would like the merger because the current group responsible is the worst in present history. A lot of people obtaining fired as a result of difficult metrics. All power might given to customer service staff and removed from the people who really go to the homes and correct dilemmas . It’s a mess in addition to organization will be operated like shit IMHO [in my simple thoughts].

On the tension between technicians and customer support representatives:

Yea support service reps and techs tend to be battling a combat that no-one sees. We hate them, they dislike you. They tell people the problem is the gear if it hardly ever is. We tell subscribers to simply dismiss exactly what the man regarding telephone says because it’s likely that great, he has never ever wired a residence, strung a drop or set cable tv.

On what’s truly completely wrong along with your connections:

Don’t think 50percent of just what agent throughout the phone informs you. Only schedule the technical. Permit him run. He’s done this earlier. The representative simply suggestions cell phones. It’s rarely the gear causing the problem.

About trick to getting much better help:

When a technology shows up ,ask for their supervisors wide variety. Tell him it’s just not to burn your but to intensify a concern. He may phone his sup to ensure the cool but that will help.

On what’s stopping faster net get rates:

Really, fundamental analog cable tv. It will require up sooo much data transfer . 1 station per frequency vs connecting numerous frequencies to supply 8 channel for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . Even as we go 100% electronic tv.. net will get faster. Additionally congestion. If you’re around a college it’s the worst . Grandma might use this lady 15 meg for mail College dating services and surfing but younger Johnny university kid sucks in the bandwidth in your community making use of netflix and torrenting and games. However they shell out the exact same. IMHO what might correct this is certainly capping facts and providing everyone else uncapped rate.

On the reason why splitting your own cable tv connections is an awful idea:

Installing a splitter to simply attenuate the transmission is really stupid we actually have issues called attenuators which do this without including unneeded splitter. But it is true that too much alert is as poor as insufficient we name that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA will definitely cost him his work:

I would feel fired based on exactly who grabs me personally. I may will also get an advantage their so difficult to tell aided by the ways this company is organized.

How Wi-Fi indicators were unreliable, and can getting vanquished by doorways and wall space:

Yes most evident. Plaster walls especially.Solid timber gates, being in a cellar whenever the router is on the 2nd floor or the other way around. Wifi are a fickle creature.

In your “broken” cable tv modem:

Yea I notice this plenty. I might state in confirmed season I might state 5per cent regarding the modems I swapped had been in fact defective. We manage a lot of dog and pony tv show and simply change it anyway. The thing is almost always perhaps not devices relating. Modems either perform or they don’t. There was therefore small in between. They have been quite simple systems. We have tv show users making use of my own personal laptop every thing functioning fine, after that change to their products and every little thing would go to shit. They nevertheless demand a modem..Its insanity.