TV & DVD Equipment in Central Region

TV & DVD Equipment in Central Region
TV & DVD Equipment in Central Region

Saturdays, Sundays & Ephemeral Shows in Central Region.

Local Television Services and Equipment

There are numerous local television services in Central Region, including the following:

Local broadcasting stations: Local, regional and national

Local stations include:

Local, regional and national news services:

Local and national news networks must have a network of local (Local, regional and national) broadcasting stations.

Local and regional and national news services may have two different types of local news stations. For example, local news service VPR and local news service OGN may have the same stations on the same day, but two different station types may be broadcasted simultaneously. While a local news station may have three categories of stations: local, regional and national news, the more stations may have the same local news programming.

Local news stations do not have news coverage on their stations. However, local news content may be broadcasted on local stations at a higher rate than national news content. In certain instances, local news content may be broadcasted at different times.

The National Broadcasting Standards Board requires stations which provide news content to have a number of different hours of local news per month. In most cases, there are two types of local news stations in Central Region each day: live, on-air and in-network stations. Live local news is broadcast on local stations at a time when people are likely TV & DVD Equipment in Central Region
TV & DVD Equipment in Central Region

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