When you handle a workplace 365 tenant, to be able to have a workplace 365 mailbox spying that dimensions are important

When you handle a workplace 365 tenant, to be able to have a workplace 365 mailbox <blank> spying that dimensions are important

Understanding the mailbox proportions, either by requirements or by schedule, support admins in order to prevent a “mailbox full” situation. The admins can decide to set the mailbox size limit by:

  • Assigning an alternate Office 365 license

Mailbox size notification is an integrated function as a swap on the web. Users include sent an email in regards to the configured mailbox storage space restrictions. However, admins dont obtain these announcements, precisely the mailbox people.

Knowing mailbox studies, after that you can actually choose to move data up to an archive mailbox, boost the mailbox dimensions, tell an individual, etc.

In this essay, you’ll learn just how to move data from workplace 365 mailboxes that have broken a particular limit utilizing PowerShell in addition to trade using the internet PowerShell V2 component.

Dining table of information


This post is a how-to guide, and also to be able to stick to together with the instances, listed here needs should be fulfilled.

  • A workplace 365 Occupant with Trade Using The Internet Mailboxes
  • Screens PowerShell 5.1
  • The change on the web PowerShell V2 component ought to be installed
  • a program publisher, like Notepad++ or an Integrated Scripting atmosphere (ISE) like Windows PowerShell ISE and aesthetic facility signal


Towards the end of your article, the goal is to build a program that perform the soon after activities:

  • Get a list of all mailboxes with Get-Mailbox alongside cmdlets.
  • Have the consumer mailbox size of each mailbox.
  • In the event that mailbox dimensions goes beyond a group threshold, increase a mailbox usage report.
  • (Optional) Export submit and submit by mail.

Fire up your favorite program editor, and let’s start out!

Obtaining Workplace 365 Mailbox Sizes

Before you go on with creating the program, let’s talk of some context first.

There are two main typical means of examining the dimensions of a mailbox. With the Microsoft 365 Admin Center (EAC) and making use of Exchange on the web electricitycover.

The EAC is useful for checking one mailbox at any given time while. And its nature will make it maybe not well suited for monitoring in large quantities. On the other hand, with Powerlayer, you’ll be able to script your way into obtaining homes of several mailboxes in one go.

Next parts showcase how-to begin to see the mailbox dimensions utilizing EAC and energyShell.

Using the Exchange Administrator Center to Check Mailbox Size

Login to EAC and choose (1) recipients —> (2) mailboxes. Then from the variety of mailboxes, (3) identify a (3) mailbox —> click the (4) change button.

As soon as the mailbox house webpage are shown, click on (5) mailbox practices. Subsequently, you ought to be capable of seeing the (6) mailbox proportions.

Using Exchange Online PowerShell to check on Mailbox Size

Instead of using the EAC, where you can best look into the dimensions one mailbox at any given time, making use of PowerShell enables listing the size of several mailboxes. The command to use for getting the mailbox size is the Get-EXOMailboxStatistics cmdlet.

The example below receives the mailbox sized the user with UPN [email safeguarded] .

The screenshot below shows the production of command over. The TotalItemSize property symbolizes how big is the mailbox.

The program that you establish in this specific article depends on use of the Get-EXOMailboxStatistics and Get-EXOMailbox cmdlets.

Developing the Mailbox Use Report

Within section, the program can be launched in parts resulting in the completed, completed variation. The script does not only look at the big company 365 mailbox proportions but can furthermore act as your working environment 365 mailbox usage document as possible operated at an interval or by need.

Position a Threshold and receiving a List of All Mailboxes

When writing about huge mailboxes, it is essential to determine what a “large” mailbox size is. Its personal, to put it mildly. A 50 GB mailbox might be perfect for starters business but considered big for another. It is the role as an admin to learn and determine this benefits. As soon as you have decided on they, replicate the second code and paste it to your script.