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You must now create a journal entry by crediting the opening balance equity and debiting the credit card or bank account. When starting fresh with QuickBooks in creating accounts, I suggest we’ll have to reconcile the transactions first to accurately manage your books. We’ll need your bank statement to make sure they match your bank and credit card statements.


Please post a reply below if you need further assistance on reconciling accounts in QuickBooks Online. You manually reconciled a transaction, so it didn’t show up on the next reconciliation. I’m here to help get your beginning balance accurate upon reconciling accounts in QuickBooks Online . Changing the detail type of an account to “Opening Balance Equity” or change an “Opening Balance Equity” to another detail type is not possible. You can export a Chart of Accounts, Customers, Items, and all the available transactions from QuickBooks Desktop. Bulk import, export, and deletion can be performed with simply one-click.

Step by Step guide:

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  • In case the balance matches it is presumed that the starting accounting entry was correct.
  • Before we proceed, I recommend working with your accountant for additional guidance in deleting your account.
  • Intuit provides the default Chart of Accounts to give you suggested settings and help you get started on your QuickBooks Online account.

Finally, select the start date you want to use to pull transactions. Note that your bank might restrict how far back you can import transactions. To review the transactions in Opening Balance Equity account a report of the transactions is first created.

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When completing a bank reconciliation, ensure the bank statement balance transaction accounts for uncleared bank checks and other factors. An opening balance equity account facilitates entries of value balances for new vendors or customers, including outstanding balances to be entered into accounts receivable opening balances. To enter the balance for accounts payable, accounts receivables, and sales tax payable create an additional journal entries.

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